Erik Mongrain: Lap Tap Insanity

We’ve featured Erik Mongrain here before.

The reason is obvious…

This guy is SMOKIN!

This new style of lap tap guitar that uses no picks and no single string picking to me is more reminiscent of playing a piano than a guitar. I will say that after watching this video, it’s debatable as to anyone doing it better than Erik.

Here’s some info that you may enjoy:

“In 2007, Mongrain went on a tour around the world, particularly in Europe, Asia and America. He performed also at the famous Montreal International Jazz Festival and at the “Studio-théâtre” of the Place des Arts of Montreal where the live performance was recorded.Mongrain was invited for the premiere of the « World Music Heritage », a drive by Gontiti on the national Japanese network (NHK). The broadcast started last May 2007 and the footage used for the broadcast is filmed in Montreal’s streets and in Saint Joseph’s Oratory, reputed for its acoustics.”

The iVideoSongs company have filmed four clips including Equilibrium, a recent composition. The clips are tutorials of Mongrain’s lap tapping style, downloadable on the company’s Web site. His “AirTap!” video has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube” more here




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