Justo Fernández: Flamenco on Full Blast

Here’s some pretty fantastic flamenco guitar by Justo Fernández, also known as “El Tuto” on “Full Blast” with the clapping and dancing and all the energy. 

This is a fun video to watch for sure!

Unfortunately the YouTube description gives absolutely no information on Justo Fernandez…

Found this short bio at http://www.tablaocordobes.com/artistas/articulo/en/1/81

“El Tuto is part of a artistic family; his father, Justo Fernández, is also a guitar player and his uncle is Juanele.
Even beeing as young as he is, he´s already worked  with important artists such as Sara Baras, and singers such as Montse Cortés, Duquende, Ginesa Ortega, etc.
Nowadays he was asked by the Farruco family to be part of the shows Farruca, la Faraona y el Farruco. Without any doubt, this guitarist has a unstoppable journey. “

And with regard to the video, according to a blogger over at www.foroflamenco.com

This video  is filmed at a tablao in Barcelona called “El tablao de Carmen”.


One comment I want to make  about the comments over at YouTube. For some reason, every excellent flamenco guitarist will somehow end up getting compared to Paco DeLuca, and this videos comments seem to be filled with nothing but that stuff.

To be honest, it’s sickening to me … the comparisons. Yea, Paco is the greatest but this kid can play! There’s no telling how far Justo Fernández can go, especially if he’s not forced to perform in someone’s  “flamenco shadow.” And I bet Paco himself would be the first to encourage him.


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