Estas Tonne – “Tonne” And Good Looks Go A Long Way

Estas Tonne has the sound, the technique, the style, the “tonne” and the looks

and a large street audience totally locked in to what he’s doing.

After watching this video I couldn’t help but think-

what if this guy were a fat, balding old guy. … would he be able to captivate this street audience this well if that were the case?

We’ve featured a lot of “street guitar” videos here and I have to say, this perhaps has the most attentive audience. Not featured in this video however is the women afterwards handing him money along with their phone numbers.

Now besides his guitar playing which by the way is fantastic, I love the drama he brings to the guitar. After all, how far would Elvis have gone without his hip gyrations? Think of all those Motown vocal groups… their dance moves were just as important as the singing… Let’s not forget Madonna or Lady Gaga… where would those woman be without the stage production?

Okay, of course some of what I’m saying is in jest because the truth is, Estas is a fine fine guitarist that deserves all the attention, even if it’s not always focused on his guitar per se.

Short description bio:

“Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon – Stadtspektakel Landshut 2011
Estas Tonne is a charismatic modern day Troubadour spreading an inspirational message of the new consciousness and paradigm whilst playing all over the world, delighting audiences from the Americas to India, from the Middle East to Europe.” more here


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