Little Brother Eli – Awkward Positions [LIVE]

When I first heard this I though  hum..

these guys remind me of a famous classic rock band from the past.

Well, I’m guessing you will know the group I’m talking about.

The guitarist is not playing the most complex stuff here, neither is the bass player. But you know, it sure sounds good and it’s LIVE. So when these guys go out to do a gig, you can expect them to sound pretty close to this (minus the nice condenser microphones). I really like the singing as well (Hey Robert Plant, this guy can fill in for you!).

I tried to find out some info on this group but the only thing that came up was references to Payton and Eli Manning, football brothers in the NFL, (arguably two of the best in the league and  both probably going into the football hall of fame). Eli is often referred to as Payton’s “Little brother” so, perhaps this is the inspiration for the band name?

Now the singer sure sounds like he’s from the UK… so, this and any more info is all a mystery at this point.

Do me a favor… if you have any insights with the group “Little Brother Eli” give us a comment below…


 by John Hill: “Here’s what I’ve been able to find out; they’re from Oxford, UK.  Members are Joshua Rigal and Alex Grew (doesn’t say which one is the vocalist or bassist) accompanied by Adam Stowe on guitar. Filmed and Directed by Sam Rigal. Audio Mastered by Mike Saminaden. Record Label: Unsigned. They quote: “Over the last 6 months we’ve been writing and recording music which has culminated in this exciting project. We have assembled a talented band allowing us to get these songs ready for you at our live shows. (Band: Linus Taylor-Guitars, Adam Stowe-Guitars, Benji Page-Drums). We’re also going to bring our music to you through the imminent release of an E.P accompanied by official music videos.”
(Hey John, you rule! Thanks for the info!)



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