John Hartford: “Steam Powered Aereoplane”

Here’s the Steam Powered Aeroplane by John Hartford with an all star cast of bluegrass players which includes Vassar Clements (fiddle), Mark O’Connor (mandolin) Jerry Douglas (dobro) Tony Rice (guitar). Even though I consider John Hartford an American Icon, I don’t consider him a bluegrass player, even though he always liked to surround himself with the best.

Now the description for this vid doesn’t say who the bass, drum or piano player is and my best guess for the bass is Nashville session musician Glen Worf… but I am not 100% sure. Only reason I say this is, I did a session with him back in the 90’s and it looks like him?

Now wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have some TV like this available on your 800+ channel network? What’s even worse is, they at least had a bluegrass music station on the TV network a while back,  and then took it off (probably got replaced by the “Urban Scratch Techno Channel”). Don’t ya just hate that!

Update Tony Cavitt wrote in and spotted Harry Stinson on drums, currently w/Marty Stuart’s Superlatives…

John Hill at the 4:18 mark it credits the following: Music Shop Band; Mark O’Connor-Fiddle, Brent Rowan-Guitar, Matt Rowlings-keyboards, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Glen Worf-Bass, Harry Stinson-Drums  

Okay, I was right about Glen Worf… This Music Shop Band was the studio”A” team in Nashville back in the 80’s/90’s.


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