Joscho Stephan Trio: Sweet Georgia Brown on Steroids

Django Reinhardt- if you were alive would you get nervous? Here’s Joscho Stephan and his Trio performing the swing/jazz standard Sweet Georgia Brown.

Joscho is a German guitarist who has appeared on stage with many of the world’s hottest players, or should I say, many of the best players have appeared on stage with Joscho..

Watch this video… Is Joscho the world’s greatest Gypsy Jazz Guitarist alive today?

The song starts out with Joscho playing everything but Django style, even cutting loose with three finger chicken pickin’. This guy has it all going with the crossover. Can you say chops?

After the intro, it’s all pretty much one hot lick after another, and another and another, in fact 6 minutes worth of 6251, 6251, 6251, etc…

As amazing as it really is, perhaps the fact that it’s just one guy soloing, is making this performance a bit gratuitous (this is why Django had Grapelli). (I’m a firm believer in coming up for air occasionally).

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