Joscho Stephan: Is This A Bar Gig?

If you have 18 minutes and you enjoy jazz and gypsy jazz style guitar, than I suggest you watch this video.

Joscho may play a Django style guitar and have a lot of that sound going on, but if you listen close, he’s a lot more than just a Django guitarist. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he’s got no problem ripping out Django lines… but it’s obvious to me that he’s listened and been influenced by a lot of the greats…. and it’s not limited to just jazz.

In this video without any description, it looks to me like he’s in some club in Europe- playing what I’d call a typical bar gig with only a handful of people in the audience. They do care, but it’s not as enthusiastic as you’d expect from what we’re hearing. But then again, you would have to wonder whether or not he’d get any applause at a similar place in the states. I guess my point is, we’re seeing someone that can do things on the guitar that no one else on the planet can do… you catch my drift…

With that- I’m convinced that Joscho is capable of playing anything that comes to mind, and with all the soul and conviction behind the note(s).

So sit back, turn the volume up and watch this for the next 18 minutes… you won’t regret it..



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