Trace Bundy – Sound Stylings on Acoustic

Here’s a new video from Tracy Bundy performing “Where The Streets Have No Name,” a U2 cover.

The description below gives an overview as to how he’s achieving all these tones:

“Trace Bundy playing “Where The Streets Have No Name” by U2. 
This is Trace’s attempt to capture the rhythm, chords, vocal melody, and guitar tones of this classic U2 song, all on one acoustic guitar. In the intro and outro, he is using an auto-volume delayed swell, and then a stereo delay technique with his Line6 M9.

For best results, listen with headphones to hear the stereo delay effect! Enjoy.

Played on a custom McPherson Guitar.
Filmed live at the Boulder Theater, Dec 10th, 2011.
Directed by Brian Malone
For more information, and upcoming concert details: more

I’ve played one of these McPherson guitars at Mandolin Brothers  a while back… and at first, I wasn’t so impressed…
I should preface with the fact that I just played a 40’s Martin triple O and was just picking it up for the simple fact I was there. But just as I was about to put it down, Stan Jay gave me a cable to plug it in… well, that’s when the magic began.
The guitar as Stan put it, is really the ultimate for using on stage and with sound enforcement. As you can hear in this video, Tracy stretches out it’s boundaries with a bunch of different effects that make you think you are hearing anything but an acoustic guitar. Even without all the effects, the guitar does have a really sweet plugged in sound just directly to the amp- perhaps better than most. So then… the price… I nearly fell off my chair. Let’s put it this way, the 40’s triple O was not that much more…
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