Liona Boyd – Gymnopédie #1 (Eric Satie)

This ought to put you in the Christmas mood!

Here’s an Eric Satie song, his most popular composition called Gymnopedia No 1 performed by Liona Boyd.

I’ve looked around for this song on guitar and think this Liona’s version was the best.

The one criticism I have when I hear this song on guitar, it always seems to be played too fast. Liona’s seems to have the best feeling and closest tempo to the classic piano performances.

Also, this song is transcribed for guitar in the key of E. The piano and original key is D.

There’s 2 more Gymnopedias as a follow up to #1, appropriately named #2 and #3. Both play on the same theme as #1 with similar chord change flow except starting in different keys..



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