Oliver Mochmann- Using a Flatpick in Fingerpicking Territory

Here’s Oliver Mochmann, a very talented guitarist that has his own YouTube channel with a handful of cool guitar videos featured.

For this video here’s the following write up:

“Für Bine! * * * Fireflies acoustic guitar cover played with the original intro and parts of the bass and string arrangement! Go to mochmann.com/fireflies for TABS / LESSON * * * Please check out my other videos (guitar & flute) – thanx 🙂
Oliver Mochmann

Guitar: Cort Custom Shop CJ CE acoustic guitar
Microphone: Audio Technica 4035
For recording I used the microphone and the internal Fishman prefix pickup+mic blender (~80%PU+20%mic) system of the guitar.
I use an alesis io|2 Interface with Cubase LE on a PC and Magix Video Deluxe for video editing.
I use D’Addario XL Nickel Wound .012 electric guitar strings with wounded .024 (EJ21 Set)” go to that page

The interesting part about Oliver’s guitar playing is, most players would be fingerpicking these chord inversions, but he is using a flatpick. Yea, the coordination level and the degree of right hand difficulty is higher, but the end result in my opinion can give you a louder and better tone than the fingers. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve seen tons of great fingerpickers producing awesome tone however, using a pick does have it’s tonality advantages.




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