David Wayne: Hotel California

Here’s Southern California guitarist David Wayne with performing the Eagles hit “Hotel California.”

The person that uploaded this video had this to say about it…

I uploaded this video using audio directly from David Wayne’s “So Cal” CD because the video was recorded on cheap mini-cam with a low quality microphone.

I saw David Wayne perform this song live at the Palm Springs Street Fair in Southern California and was so impressed that I purchased all of his CDs and love them all… But, in my opinion, “So Cal” is his best CD and is absolutely amazing… David Wayne is the man! link

Okay, so what the uploader is basically saying is, he/she took the sound from the CD and lined it up with the video. Now if you watch this video and look where David’s hands are going, it looks as though it is live playing, so for starters everything you are watching (and hearing) has been worked out (in other words, no improvisation).

And if you are wondering how a track from a CD and a live performance can line up like this, well it’s simple.. The background track that David and percussionist are playing to is the same track from the CD, with the lead guitar taken out and perhaps some of the percussion (cant take it all out).  This is exactly how Les Paul did it way back in the early 50’s.



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