Michele Lideo- Musicoliere

I always love finding new and super talented guitarists and Michele Lideo is no exception.

But I shouldn’t say I found him cause truth be told, he found us at our facebook page.

Excellent fingerpickin’ guitar!

Now one of the problems here is I have searched and can’t find any background on Michele Lideo. The YouTube description only says this:

“An original composition written by Michele Lideo and played with a custom Lukas Milani Guitar.”

Here’s what I have derived from the little I was able to read…

I believe he is a guitar instructor and he is most likely from Italy, since the language used was Italian. He does have a couple other videos that I looked at- equally as good. If he is from Italy, I know some of my Italian friends will know of him.

UPDATE:  John Hill was able to help with some more bio material:

“Michele Lideo An Italian fingerstyle guitar player; Born in Padua, Italy on November 25, 1983. He graduated in philosophy; pupil of acoustic guitar fingerstyle of Mo. Luca Francioso, graduated from the Academy of music Lizard of Padua. A student of jazz guitar of the Mo. A. Ongarello. Now working at Lizard Academy and Padovarte music as a fingerstyle guitar teacher.”

Thanks John…!

I hope you enjoy this video and, if you have some more background info on this talented guitarist, please comment below!


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