Will Machines Replace Humans On The Guitar?

Yesterday we featured an animated video of an acoustic guitar machine that was in my opinion so awesome to watch, however unreal it actually was.

Now here’s a real guitar machine (and banjo) that was built by a company called Ragtimewest Designs.

Now to answer the question as to whether or not machines will replace humans on the guitar, after watching this, the answer is a big fat NO.  The machine is not a good guitarist..

The concept is intriguing though, at least from the technical end of it… but certainly not from the musical side.

The human touch is something that might elude scientists and designers as long as we survive as a race. I’d love to hear what you have to say below.

Now please don’t spread this around, it’s true, I one gave a tip to a player piano….
BTW, whose your favorite drum machine?

YouTube description..

“ragtimewest.com designs, builds and sells robotic musical instruments of all types. Check out this video of an automated guitar playing with a banjo! We have had the honor to have designed and built more thatn 18 of the instruments used in the Pat Metheny Orchestrion project on tour now. I ave recently been interviewed by the New York Times and Jazz Times. CBS Sunday morning has called to come here from New York to interview and film RagtimeWest for there show airing in March, 2010.”  more


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