Les Paul & Mary Ford: The World Didn’t Have To Wait Any Longer

The World is Waiting for the Sunrise was one of Les Paul and Mary Ford’s biggest hits..

and this television mini show which was broadcast in the early 50’s brought this due into the homes of American’s all across the nation.

Besides all his inventions and his talents as a producer (which we will review in posts later today), Les was the ultimate showman. Whether or not you like the little act that he and his wife Mary were doing in their house in Mahwah New Jersey, their act soared because of Les Paul’s  stage abilities and personality.

Working hard and not taking his fame lightly, Les and Mary drove all over creation to radio stations making live appearances with the DJ hosts. Back then, this was no easy task but, perhaps the only way of making that personal contact. Their efforts  of course paid off, as their songs were played in heavy rotation and went to the top of the charts.

Before Les and Mary, there was nobody that played along with tracks. Today if you go into a nightclub or a bar, playing along with tracks is the norm. You can thank Les Paul for bringing us that as well.


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