Ewan Dobson – Knows How to Play The Melody

I just got word that this video is not posting properly… It should be the Ewan Dobson video but it’s being confused with another. What’s shown here however is awesome so check that out too.

The correct link for Ewan is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAGpXIis8Hk&list=UUMJecdKUslHToOEpeuRGwXg&index=240

Here’s Ewan Dobson again with another big viewed video over at YouTube. This song is called “Time.”

Ewan has obviously struck a chord with many acoustic guitar enthusiasts…

this is due in my opinion to his very unique style of fingerpicking that features a lot of attention to playing the melody.

He also has a very fluid sense of rhythm and that of course is what separates the good guitarists from the greats.

Do you think Ewan is one of the greats? (The fans at YouTube think so).

This song and others by Ewan are available at Amazon.



  1. the “correct” link has typos in the actuall link
    the text displayed is correct but the link itself starts with ‘%20http//…’

    • Thanks Chris… That was the link from youtube… tried it many times. I’ll try removing as you specified!

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