Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Guitars

This is not a music video…

But it certainly is something I thought worth sharing with you all
here at AGV

There’s no telling how good any one of these guitars actually are
except for the fact that most of them were played by their previous owners a lot.
That does indeed make an  instrument more playable and will definitely make the tone better (by playing it a lot).

Besides the “Prototype Tele” and the “Reach to Asia” signed guitar, all the guitars were owned by super famous artists such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Marley George and John and Jimi Hendrix.

Interesting to note that only one of these guitars are acoustic! I was expecting to see at least a few D’Angelico’s or a pre war Herringbone in the pile..

No doubt the major reason for the value is due to their former owners. Take off most of the ticket price without the fame factor.

Here’s a question for you:
Without price being a factor, if you had to pick one out of this pile, which one would you choose?




  1. Clapton’s ’39 Martin — no question.

  2. Julie Folden

    Who is to say what any of these are worth ??? I owned and sold a Martin 000-28EC because the rotten thing made my hand ache when I played it.. to me WORTHLESS !! got my money back.. My first guitar, a $52.00 Double 0 sunburst little Bently guitar my Grandmother bought me in 1973. I played for 8 years, I still have in the closet. To me PRICELESS !! Value is in the heart of the beholder…I ve owned many expensive beautiful guitars over the years. but none came with the love of that first one grandma bought me.. The Public is so gullible.

    • Hi Julie,
      Great to hear from you and yea, I can definitely relate as my favorite I have is probably worth the least..

  3. Bro, that isn’t Jimi’s Woodstock strat…The one he played at Woodstock was an “Arctic White” Standard,
    not a “burst”…and yeah, I’m sure!

    • Hey Al, I think you’re right! I would have never picked up on that… (neither did the guy that made this vid).

      • Yeah, I’ve seen this video before and noticed it then. There’s a bunch of these “opinions” out on the magic YouTube…Lots of folks out there (who me ? ) with to much time on their hands….. maybe they should take up the guitar?

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