Peak Into the Gibson Guitar Factory- Nashville

Not too long ago, the Gibson Guitar Factory got nailed by the Feds for some sort of wood importing violation.  But instead of doing a story about that, I thought a video tour of the factory would be more helpful for Gibson, who has been an American Standard for high quality instruments for a very long time.

This video shows Shawn Hammond touring the factory, mostly showing how Les Pauls, Ecplorers, and Firebirds are made. Okay, not really acoustic, but interesting enough.

Gibson, who was located in Kalamazoo Michigan for what seems like an eternity, moved its headquarters to Nashville in 1984. The move, which took almost a decade to accomplish saw a lot of problems arise such as unskilled workers and humidity issues. The factory in Kalamazoo would then become “Heritage Guitars” with some of the key workers staying behind.






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