Claes Ottelid: Swedish Folk Guitar

Here’s virtuoso guitarist Claes Ottelid, accompanied by Stephan Jarl on what at first sounded like a flamenco/classical piece, but turns out to be an a Swedish Polka of all things…

Can’t say that I have ever heard any Swedish Polka music before but… I am digging this big time. Claes, who’s technique is flamenco/classical style along with Jarl’s steady and tasteful percussion, create a very distinctive and unique sound that forced me to create a new category here at Acoustic Guitar Videos.

Here’s the write up over at YouTube:

“A wonderful old swedish polska within the Bingsjö tradition, “Pekkos Pers Storpolska” played with a flamenco/crossover approach but atempting to preserve a lot of the original violin feel. CLAES OTTELID, guitar and STEPHAN JARL, conga and cabassa.” read more

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  1. Has anyone found any Polski polkas on guitar?

    • Hey Jim, this is the first time I heard anything like this. Claes wrote in and clarified the Polka thing… thought it was a translation issue. “Not a Polka – a Polska. (big difference)”

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