Marco Pisani: Late To The Contest But On Time With The Guitar

I know, I know, I know…

This is not acoustic guitar!!!!

But Marco Pisani sent this into and I was so impressed, I had to post this.

Marco specifically made this video to enter the Steve Vai Contest.

Here’s the write-up on YouTube  (I’ve translated it to English)

” Participating is easy, the basic requirement is to have a camera to record your own musical performance based audio supplied by the same artist: it is the naked version (ie no audio tracks of Steve’s guitar) of “Sunshine Electric Raindrops” , a beautiful excerpt from the latest album of Steve Vai “The Story Of Light”.
MusicOff staff will collect all your videos, you can upload enrollment; expiry of the terms of participation in all the videos of the competitors will be posted on the YouTube channel of MusicOff, so you can move to the next stage of voting.” see more

Marco unfortunately told me that he had just missed the deadline by a few hours…. bummer. I think he stood an excellent chance!

But let’s see if we can make it up for him with some likes and some shares!

Here’s a question: Should I feature  more electric guitar videos (or just keep it acoustic)?


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