$110,000 Martin D100 Double Neck

Here’s Dan Grigor playing a Double Neck Martin D100

The guitar is going into the Martin Museum but would list for

$110,000 !!!

Sorry Martin, but in my opinion, no one’s gonna pay that kind of money this guitar!

The prices of vintage guitars have come down in the last several years, but a few years ago some of the older 30’s Herringbones were going for prices like these.

What do you think this guitar is really worth?
Is this just a publicity stunt?



  1. Oscar Stern

    I love this D-100 Double Neck & they need to be at a more affordable price (complete with Piezo Pickup and Built in tuner). Martin should also make a Double Neck 12/6 Backpacker Guitar which is a really little Double Neck Guitar that’s portable.

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Oscar, yea, this is certainly pricey. Probably only a collector is gonna buy something like this!

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