Quick Fingerpickin’ Guitar Lesson

Many times I find that these YouTube quick lesson videos are not helpful, in that the instructor, be it an unknown guitarist or a famous picker, leaves a bunch of key elements out that make it difficult to pick up the concept.

But I thought that this one was fairly easy and something standard that anyone wanting to fingerpick should know and learn.

Life changing?

The title at YouTube says that this little lesson will change your life…

Well it’s a good lesson but life changing?

I’ll let you be the judge of that.




  1. Well, probably not “life changing” in the grand scheme of things but a basic lesson like that can mean a lot to s young student who wants to pick up a style that sounds impressive but is easy to learn. Although I’m not a beginning (much less young) student myself, I did learn a basic fingerpicking pattern several years ago from a video tape by Gary Talley and I think it took me to a level in my fingerstyle playing that I had not learned prior to his video lesson. Thanks for posting this video and all the rest, Bob! Great website!

    • Hey Rick,
      Thanks for posting your comments! Every so often even though I do know this pattern it’s cool to revisit- I’ll have to check out Gary Talley’s vid. Hopefully I can find it!

  2. Bob, the video is called “Guitar Playing for Songwriters” and Gary’s website is garytalley.com. I have it on VHS but hopefully it’s on DVD by now.



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