Jonathan Lane: Great Playing Goes A Long Way

Jonathan Lane obviously made this video in what looks like his bedroom but you know what?

It doesn’t matter.

This young man can really play!

In this makeshift studio he’s got a Shure SM57 mic – the war horse mic used for live application…. certainly not for recording.  I don’t know what he’s using for outboard gear but most likely recording to the computer. Yet with all this (or lack there of) he’s getting a great sound.

Let’s face it- great playing goes a long way.

This song entitled “Hiatus” would be anything but a hiatus for most guitarist but Johnathan makes it look all to easy.

I couldn’t really find much info on Jonathan and this video only has 400 or so views on YouTube.  Fortunately Jonathan sought us out at

If you have any info pertaining to this exceptional guitarist, please comment below.  No doubt he’s deserves more notoriety (let’s see if we can help him out with a bunch of likes here… please share with your friends


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  1. Jonathan is amazing. I know him through a friend.

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