Forget The Rules?

Think of all the hours, days, weeks, months and years it took the classically trained guitarist to develop the proper left hand technique….

And then, a woman from Botswana (northern South Africa) comes along and just totally disregards all the rules.. Did I say woman… (that’s what the YouTube description calls her).

But you know what? She is awfully good… or should I say, he is awfully good!!

Yea that’s right, it’s a man. “This ‘woman’ is a man called Ronnie Moipolai,” says Barry De Vaal 
“He recently (9-19th January 2013) appeared in a concert, Kalahari Karoo Blues, in Cape Town, SA. The concert was presented by SA singer-songwriter, David Kramer.”

Okay, Maybe as far as her playing, maybe he doesn’t know the rules (or need to know them)?  (how would you like to be called a girl on a video, if you were indeed not a girl) …

Now I don’t know where he would have learned to play like this but, maybe he doesn’t have anyone other than an older village person for influence- perhaps where he’s from there’s no books, CD’s or internet (he certainly hasn’t watched any of the guitarists here at Acoustic Guitar Videos!).

But however awkwardly he is pulling if off, no classically trained guitarist is ever going to perform this ethnic song with the groove and swagger this person has.

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Special thanks go to Jim Weaver for finding this video and to Barry De Vaal  from Brussels, Belgium for finding out that this girl is a guy!




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