Muleskinner – All Star Bluegrass Band

Here’s nearly a whole set of the Muleskinner band that was filmed live on February 13, 1973 at the KCET television studios in Hollywood, California.

Songs include: (including times if you want to skip around)

1. New Camptown Races @ 0:18
2. Dark Hollow @ 2:14
3. Land Of The Navajo @ 5:10
4. Blackberry Blossom @ 10:56
5. Knockin’ On Your Door @ 13:33
6. Opus 57 In G Minor @ 16:46
7. Red Rocking Chair @ 18:54
8. The Dead March @ 22:21
9. Orange Blossom Special @ 25:05 (Cut)

Hope you enjoy.  Now on sort of an offbeat thought….

You have to wonder what would have happened if Clarence didn’t get killed by a car…  (Clarence is the guitarist with the beard in this video for those of you that don’t know).

Tony Rice definitely picked up the ball and ran with it after Clarence’s passing- but if you think of all the music Tony influenced including the Grisman Quintet… how many more of these group situations with Tony would have been Clarence’s gig had he lived?

Would love to hear your opinion below.




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