Calum Graham – Guitar Contest Anyone?

I guess contests are ultimately a good thing as it seems to pull out guitarists that might not be so easy to find.

Here’s a video of the first place winner for the Canadian Guitar Festival 2010: Guitarist Calum Graham  with an original piece he wrote called “The Channel”)

The description at YouTube said the following:

“Calum Graham from High River/Calgary returned to take top honours this year, after placing 2nd in 2009. This tune is an original piece called “The Channel”. It will be coming out on Calum’s next CD in a few months. He has tabs, etc., and another CD that you can find out about here:

About the judging: The judges are mainly drawn from the main-stage performers, and the judging is done blind: judges cannot see the stage, and the contestants are identified by number only. Five finalists are chosen from a maximum of 24 entrants, who perform two tunes each. Each finalist plays a further two tunes. The judges this year were Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Tony McManus, and Radio-Canada’s Dan Berhman.” read more

Really nice playing. Would be interesting to see who Calum was up against. If you know of any other videos from this particular contest, please leave a comment below (and thanks in advance).



  1. They have a web page that features performances from the festival at ; On Facebook: ; or you can go to YouTube and type Canadian Guitar Festival into the search block and it will list a multitude of performances from different years.

  2. I love Calum Grahams “The Channel”. This is by far one of my favorite songs of his. He actually competed against Dylan Ryche, who is currently signed to CandyRat records.

    I believe Dylan won 2nd place in 2010. Also, Ben Lapps competed. He is known for playing the tapping style that I love oh so much haha. Although Ben didn’t place on 2010 he is an incredible guitar player for only being….16 years old.

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