Tyler Williams: Gig With Tony Rice

Most times we only get to see some of the best videos by our favorite artists and not anything off the beaten path.

Well this is off the path… Here’s a video that’s YouTube titled “Tyler Williams and Tony Rice.”

I’m sure by now if you haven’t heard of Tony Rice, you know from past videos here at Acoustic Guitar Videos that he’s arguably the most influential modern day bluegrass flatpicking guitarist on the planet. But who you probably don’t know is Tyler Williams (neither did I so don’t feel bad).

Tyler was at the time of this video a bluegrass college student at East Tennessee State University (yea, not only courses in bluegrass but a BA degree to boot) Fiddler Bobby Hicks (formerly of the Ricky Scaggs band) got Tyler up on this stage to sing a few songs during this gig.

I have a couple of questions for you:

Does Tyler have a career as a singer?
and if not,
Is his bluegrass college degree something he can fall back on?


As an aside- I can’t help think to all the gigs I ended up playing with Vassar Clements that reminded me of this one. Many times and especially towards the end of his career, we would end up at the oddest of places…

If you are a musician, I’d love to hear about any “odd” gigs that you played and why. Please leave your comments below~





  1. I don’t know if you’d call it a career, but Tyler is all over YouTube, with some pretty cool folks…

    • Thanks Al. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to find info- Love his playing.

      • singing! sorry

        • Y’all have become my #1 listen-to…..ya’ gotta be doing some serious “hunting” to find some of the clips that I see here on your “page”………Please keep-it-up…Peace

          • Hey Al, thank you! – I think some of these vids are just stumble on luck. I’m am appreciating input from you and some of the other people big time. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. bob

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