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  • Ethan Ballinger: Something in Between

    Ethan Ballinger: Something in Between

    Ethan Ballinger “Merle’s Boogie Woogie” Mandolinist and guitarist Ethan Ballinger from Nashville TN plays here what is called a “tenor guitar“, kind of a hybrid between an acoustic guitar and a mandolin, usually tuned in fifths like most of 4-string instruments. The tune in this live video is called “a“, and Ethan shows here all his flatpicking skills, with also some clear manouche influence. I took a some information about Ethan Ballinger from his official website: “Spending his childhood growing up around bluegrass […]

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  • Historic Martin Tenor Guitars

    Historic Martin Tenor Guitars

      Dick Boak on historic Martin tenor guitars, part 1 of 2 My jazz guitar buddy Larry Maltz sent me this link to this video (thanks Larry, looking forward to getting together soon). It’s about the vintage Martin Tenor Guitars with Dick Boak, who has been a fixture at Martin for as long as I’ve been visiting there. The Martin Factory which is in Nazareth Pennsylvania, is only a hop, skip and a jump from my location in western New […]

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