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  • Up Close In Review- 1985 Alvarez Yairi DY96 acoustic guitar

    Earl Kayoss over at our facebook page shared this video of his newly purchased 1985 Alvarez Yairi DY96 acoustic guitar. The pearl inlay of course is beautiful, and the back and sides do look to be Brazilian rosewood.  The attention to detail is a little scary, and the guitar looks like it’s in perfect mint condition. Now as far as what Earl paid for this beauty, I have no idea so I’m not even gonna guess. Personally I’ve always thought that Alvarez […]

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  • 100 Odd And Cool Looking Electric Guitars

    Okay, I’m gonna get bull whipped for posting this.. But I thought it was pretty cool. 100 photos of odd but cool electric guitars… and there’s a lot of them that will catch your eye. But not even 1 acoustic… (unless I missed it).. Even saw a giant mandolin… But for us acoustic lovers, there is some redemption. If you go to 3:42… the soundtrack itself features the acoustic guitar…(hey man, that would have been the time to feature at […]

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  • Vince Gill’s Guitar Collection

    When you make it big as a country star, what do you do with your money? If you’re Vince Gill, you buy guitars… Well, truth is, he was buying great guitars when he was a kid and had hardly any money. He says on this video that he primarily loves Martin guitars and he shows off his Herringbone, Tripple 045 and oh my… this is a must watch.   Thanks for the share Jim Weaver!

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  • Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Guitars

    This is not a music video… But it certainly is something I thought worth sharing with you all here at AGV There’s no telling how good any one of these guitars actually are except for the fact that most of them were played by their previous owners a lot. That does indeed make an  instrument more playable and will definitely make the tone better (by playing it a lot). Besides the “Prototype Tele” and the “Reach to Asia” signed guitar, […]

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  • Richard Gere Guitar Collection

    By Jim Weaver: “This is a little long but go to 6:50 to hear John D’Angelico’s personal guitar. Oh and the rich are different. I wonder what these guitars went for.” Thanks Jim, certainly the rich are different…

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