Bluegrass Guitar Lessons- Cherokee Shuffle- Josh Williams Version

Josh Williams along with Andy Falco and Chris Eldridge. You can see that this tempo is really whippin’ so, the focus of all these guitar lessons has to be about conservation of energy, which is what Josh Williams is so masterful at.




(A section) of the Cherokee Shuffle Slowed down to 60 Beats Per Minute. Some of you may find this enough to learn the song! Each video below breaks down sections in detail so, even if you are able to get it on this one video, I recommend watching all the videos as there’s a lot of valuable flatpicking information. Thanks go to Ken Mierke up in the west coast of Canada (British Columbia) for requesting this song and a lot of support.




















“Message for Phil”- Here’s the link I promised to the IPad Mini that I’m using to film these videos….

Turns out it’s cheaper than when I bought it- I paid about $350…… Shows you that you should wait a while and the price comes down.
Also, there’s a App that you should also get called “Filmic Pro” which greatly increases the film quality compared to the stock system that comes with the IPad which you don’t want to use…it’s only $4.99. They say it rivals the quality of a $20,000 camera. The only thing I don’t like about the Ipad Mini for recording guitar is the built in mic which I’m using on these videos. But when I need to do higher quality audio I’ll use my studio to record it, then fly that audio into my film editing software that’s also on the IPad. Just e mail me if you want more details and I’ll help you out (







So how are you doing so far? On a scale of 1 to 10?

If you answered 7 or higher, I think you are ready for the B Section

Click Here for Cherokee Shuffle B Section