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  • Chris Woods Groove – Condition Awareness

    Chris Woods Groove – Condition Awareness

    This video was shot live at the North American Guitar (I’m assuming this is a guitar dealer) located in London..   Here’s a very informal video by guitarist Chris Woods… Informal, in that I’m used to seeing a spectacularly produced video from him….   but I think a lot of fans (and new one’s) are going to appreciate this song entitled “Condition Awareness”  which doesn’t feature as much of the percussive guitar that we’ve come to know from Chris Woods. […]

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  • Chris Woods- First Rate

    Chris Woods- First Rate

    Here’s another “first rate” performance by guitarist extraordinaire Chris Woods with a song entitled “Edinburgh.” For those of you that have been following, you will notice that Chris is all about creating a mood with his guitar. Check out some of the other videos of Chris here at Acoustic Guitar Videos…   Here’s the Youtube description in case you want more info and the tabs for this song… “A composition by guitarist Chris Woods. Full Tab available fromhttp://chriswoodsgroove.co.uk/product… If you […]

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  • Chris Woods: A Tone Poet

    Chris Woods: A Tone Poet

    By Bob Harris: Way back before this Acoustic Guitar Video website, I watched a Chris Woods Video that was recommended by a friend. He said “Check out this guy, you won’t believe it.” Well, my friend was right, and I though… wow, this guy uses the whole guitar in a very powerful way. In this video, this soothing composition of “Union” has it all, the technical skills, the melody, the “Groove”, and full of  emotion.  I simply had to watch […]

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  • Chris Woods: Stolen Lines

    Chris Woods: Stolen Lines

    Here’s a new video by guitarist Chris Woods that is a serious high quality production. Last week, Chris held an online CD release party… very inventive! This is what it’s coming to, with the internet you know, a great way if you are creative to get people to attend a function without leaving the house. The quality of performance, videography and audio is just marvelous here, and in just less than a week, Chris already has over 1800 views on […]

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  • Chris Woods- Mood Creator

    I have to admit that I watched this video about 5 times. And I’m gonna watch it again after I’m done with this article. Chris Woods…. lot more than a great groove.. lot more than a great song… And it’s a lot more than just than hot licks, chops and speed (although it’s got that and all the above…) It’s mood created by sound.. Chris Woods is one rare guitarist that is able to put forth feeling behind each note […]

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