John Scofield – Rare Acoustic Performance

I’ve been a fan of John Scofield’s for many years- he is a legit jazz guitarist that is well respected  with the jazz elite….

but the surprise here is John performing this song “My Ideal” on an acoustic with a mic, as I’ve always seen him on nothing but an electric or a hollow-bodied electric.

Thanks again to  Jim Weaver for digging up another gem …
(I would have never found this one!)

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  2. Steve Schreiber says:

    Wow! Great video. There is something really important here – it’s Sco playing with just an acoustic guitar, a mic and a pick, and it sounds exactly like Sco! (Well Duh!) This video is a great example of how important the fingers and brain are when producing TONE on guitar, versus the ubiquitous quest for that amp, that guitar, that pedal etc. etc. etc.

    How does (insert you favorite guitar player here) get their sound?


    1. Bob Harris says:

      Thanks Steve for the insightful comment. Sorry for the delay as we got nailed by the hurricane and just got power today. Yea, Sco is awesome!