Akram Abdel Sattar – Long Drive On Road Success

“Long Drive On Road Success” is a debut solo music video by Egyptian Guitarist Akram Abdel Sattar. The song as Akram explains it “fairly describes my progression with acoustic finger-style techniques and how five years, since I’ve ever touched my first guitar, were full of passion towards strings” Akram credits inspiration from finger-style players Thomas Leeb and Mike Dawes.

For this filming, the video was shot with an iPhone 4s in Full HD 1080p mode using FiLMiC Pro app ($3.99) which greatly increases the film quality.  These cameras although cheap, can produce a fairly decent video with some good lighting (as you can see). The audio signal is a blend of the #Takamine undersaddle pickup with a GHS internal mic.

Obviously Akram Abdel Sattar is loaded with chops and my guess is, he hasn’t been playing that long. I’m expecting that more great things are going to be heard by this fine guitarist in the years to come. Here’s a brief bio on him… (Okay, I was right about not playing that long,,,,)

“Akram Abdel Sattar is an Egyptian self-taught guitar player, played his first guitar on spring 2009. He is influenced by finger style players (like the legendary Tommy Emmanuel, Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, and others) whom he watched their performances through Youtube. Akram performed for the first time solely on the stage of Project Yourself 12th Open MIC @ Darb 1718 center, Cairo, Egypt (March 25th, 2011). Akram composes music in finger style for solo performances, along with multi-tracking projects for remixes.”  source here

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