Oscar Mendez- On The Road

A few years ago when I was just getting this Acoustic Guitar Video site up and running, there were a few guitarist
that reached out to me, and were very enthusiastic about this site and the chance for some more exposure with
their music. One of these guitarists was Oscar Mendez, who is one of the rare guitarists in his country of Columbia
that performs this style of guitar. (fingerstyle to be exact)

Like many other guitarists, Oscar knew enough that  making videos and sharing them on YouTube was a great
way of getting his name out there. With that said, over the next few years Oscar made some low budget videos
and received a fairly good response. Check out some of his earlier videos here:


This latest video however, is a departure from the early ones… when you compare all of these with his latest,
it’s obvious why.

“On The Road” is Oscar’s first  pro production, utilizing the videography skills of Synectics SAS and sound producers Julio Avellandea to create a very compelling acoustic guitar video that was shot on the busy streets of Bogota Columbia. Now as far as the guitar playing here, Oscar is all about the melody and not one to be showing off with a lot of flash.. hey, it works for me, and my prediction is it’s going to work for a lot of other people as well…. Lots of other people… well so far this new video is new (2 weeks old) and only has about 300 views. And I’m not sure that having this hosted on Vimeo is as powerful as YouTube??  As an aside, Oscar and I have been talking about some additional promotion from Acoustic Guitar Videos (besides this site). Yes, we have the facebook site that also is a good source of views but, I’m talking about something a little different. Stay tuned folks, especially you guitarist that want more views.., and let’s see what happens to this video with a few moves we are going to make. I will of course keep you all posted!

Here’s Oscar Mendez’ Vimeo description translated to English:

Oscar Mendez is pleased to present its first official videoclip “On the road” present on their second album. This video, recorded in Bogotá, was produced by Synectics SAS and has the participation of Julio Avellaneda in sound engineering.
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