Country Thumbpicking

Concert: Muhlenburg County Thumbpickers


“Chet Atkins was inspired by the complex fingerstyle guitar playing of Merle Travis called “thumbpicking.” This guitar style has been developed, passed down, preserved, and expanded by generations of players around Travis’s birthplace in Kentucky. Award-winning Muhlenburg County-area guitarists Joe Hudson, Paul Mosely, Eddie Pennington, and Freddie Russell will perform. Presented in support of the exhibit Chet Atkins: Certified Guitar Player, made possible by the Gretsch Company.”

I think a lot of you fans of country thumbpicking ala Chet Atkins will really enjoy watching these “Good Ole Boys” perform a bunch of songs here which includes The Nine Pound Hammer (one of my favorites).

Yes I know, these are electric guitars but, the archtop really is an acoustic with pickups, as in not a solid body guitar.