Max Godman- Ninja Guitarist

Max Godman performing Dear Mother, an Original Composition..

Okay, I suppose entering a contest is not such a bad thing, especially if the outcome leads you to more of an audience.

In this case, the audience is you guys here, and I’m proud to say that there’s many thousands of you that come each week to check out these videos here at Acoustic Guitar Videos. I just definitely wanted to thank you all for that.

The contest I’m talking about is called My Music Masterclass which is held on Facebook of all things (you can just type in My Music Masterclass in the facebook search window to see what I’m talking about).

How to enter the contest is ambiguous at best, but Max Godman did so and in my opinion, definitely desirves to win.. something at least. Well, looking at his view count over at YouTube for this video  (only 107 views) and his vote count well,  (hey,at least he is on page one for the contest)…   At first I thought, a guy playing like this with only 107 views… but then I checked into it a little …. the video below was his first viewing the Max Godman original Dear Mother, and this version has a massive view count of 103,000 .

Now you may not like tapping, but Max is special. He almost looks like he is performing Kung Fu moves on the guitar. Whether you like it or not, it’s extremely entertaining to watch… and his tonal center with his fingers create a very rich tone.

Here’s the disappointing part of all of this.. I’ve just wasted an hour or so searching for bio material and can’t find any. Oh, he has a facebook site and he’s been “Pintrested” a few times (I just made that word up), but no bio material or website really that I could find.

So if any of you here including Max Godman himself can help me out, I’m sure the rest of you would love to know more about this great talent.

I did find some music of his on Amazon (hey, at least I didn’t swing at ball 4)