Sean De Burca- Back on the “Interstate”

UK guitarist Sean De Burca who has been featured here before on Acoustic Guitar Videos

is back on the “Interstate” with this fantastic solo percussive guitar performance (title of this song as well).

You see, Sean has been suffering from extreme tendon injuries in both arms (watch his intricate playing and you’ll realize why) and has left him off on the shoulder of the road so to speak.

Interstate is his first release of new music in 14 months.

We’re happy that Sean has been able to overcome or at least deal with the arm problems. I can personally relate to how debilitating it really is.. when you can’t play what comes second nature without pain involved. Now if you compare the previous video we’ve featured on Sean, it certainly doesn’t look as though he’s slowed down at all. In fact, this new video in my opinion is even more impressive.

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Interstate is also available on iTunes and all other major download platforms.

To find the tabs/sheet music for Interstate, please go to: - tab is provided in GP6 and PDF format, an MP3 of Interstate is also included.