Lionel with Lock ‘n Load: Sitdown Comedy, Spoken Words and Hee Haw on Acid

Lionel and Lock 'n Load

“Drunker Than Hell Tour” starts again on May 10, 2014

What the hell is “Sitdown” comedy, Spoken Words or Hee Haw on Acid?

Lionel with Lock ‘n Load. Saturday May 10 at 8 PM. The Cutting Room New York City – 44 East 32nd Street (Between Madison and Park). Tickets available online at

You’ve seen him on TV
You heard him on Radio

But did you know…

Back in the 90′s, Lionel and his Lock ‘n Load Band we’re one of the hottest Bluegrass/Comedy acts in the New York Metropolitan Tri-State area, performing to countless sold out audiences?

The band is back together again for its first live appearance since early 2000. I would give you the exact year but I was “drunker than hell” at that time.


Lionel, who is one of the most talented persons on this planet, was kind enough to write a little something here…

“I was born and reared — wait, let me rephrase that — raised in Flawda. Not Florida, the state people vacation and retire to.  No, I was raised in Flawda. The epicenter of deep-veined country music roots. And the deepest of American musical veins is bluegrass. Twenty years ago I had the unmitigated and unparalleled pleasure to meet the great Bob Harris, a guitarist and musician of such magnitude, genius doesn’t even do justice. One score and zero years ago, we hatched a trio Lock ‘n Load and traipsed and galavanted across the fruited plain of the tristate area. We played the the basics, the rudiments, the abecedarian undergirdings of the immaculate twang. With Bob Harris and Bob Sutor — all bandmates save me must affix the appellation Bob — the music is sweeter than ever. With Sutor’s perfect and joyous banjo and Harris’s ungodly flatpicking, Lock ‘n Load delivers as a perfect accompaniment to my spoken word and sitdown comedy. The Cutting Room will never be or seem the same.”


So, If you are doing something the evening of May 10, 2014. DROP IT. CANCEL NOW.

Come out to see LIONEL and have some REAL FUN

bob harris
Lionel Guitarist
Click on this link for online tickets or more infomation Lionel and Lock’n Load, Cutting Room

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Lionel is “[a]n intellectual known for his irreverent political and social humor.” (Newsweek)

“He wears the mantle of Lenny Bruce, with Lenny’s own tropisms: The Oblique, The Irreverent, The Tangential, The Concupiscent, The Polymorphous Perverse, The Arcane, The Numinous. And yet Lionel brings to the table his own savory: A love of the mother tongue and a gonzo vocabulary that puts his logo on all his works, whether talk-show hosting, standup-comic spritzing, or hanging out – with himself a minor art form.” (Jerry Wexler)