Tom Lumen And Tommy Emmanuel- Backstage

Q. What would be just about the best thing any acoustic guitarist could do in their career?
A. Play a gig with Tommy Emmanuel.
Well, that’s exactly what Hungarian guitarist Tom Lumen did last week during Tommy Emmanuel’s Hungarian tour. Tom Lumen joined him for two shows… the first night in Pécs where they played two songs together, the first was a Hungarian folk song entitled ‘Kis Kece Lanyom’ and one of Tommy Emmanuel’s tunes called “I’ve Always Thought Of You.”

The second night in Budapest, Tommy (Emmanuel) invited Tom to perform one of his original songs in the middle of the show by himself.
“These two were the best days of my whole life” said Tom Lumen, who also commented that the tour was “absolutely fantastic.” It’s not every day you get to perform with the greatest player in the world of acoustic guitar… But it’s also great when you meet someone you admire and find out that he’s just a great person as well. “Tommy is also a very very cool person to hang out with.”

So there you have it…

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Tom Lumen, well I guess this proves you should be. Tom has been a feature here at Acoustic Guitar Videos since the inception. I knew it was only a matter of time before things start breaking his way… can’t hold a great guitarist down!

Here’s a link to more of his videos