Daryl Kellie: Bohemian Rhapsody on Acoustic Guitar

English guitarist Daryl Kellie does a great job here with his acoustic cover of “Bohemain Rhapsody”, by Queen.

Here is the bio found on his official website
Daryl Kellie is one of today’s finest acoustic guitarists, citing influences from Metallica to John Coltrane. He has a unique style, rich in unusual techniques rarely seen on the guitar. Eager to learn guitar from the age of 8, Daryl finally got his chance 4 years later when the Kellie family moved house and to Daryl’s delight, he found an old acoustic guitar in the attic.
Enthused by the prospect of emulating his heroes, he would spend hours working out how to play Nirvana and Hendrix riffs. A year later, his parents bought him his first electric guitar, an inexpensive Squier Stratocaster.
Jamming blues, rock and modal jazz with friends proved to be a valuable training ground for Daryl. He was completely self-taught until the age of 15, when his music teacher at school arranged free guitar lessons. Formal musical education brought with it the opportunity to learn proper technique and the various rudiments of music theory.
Since then, Daryl has seized every opportunity to jam or have mentoring sessions with many amazing guitarists, including jazz legend Martin Taylor and guitar genius and author Richard Chapman.
By 2006, he was working as a session guitarist and bassist with a few different acts including Ghosts (best known for the chart topping single ‘Stay the Night’) and working behind the scenes for legendary producer Andy Gill and his band Gang of Four.
In 2008 Daryl began to experiment using the guitar as a percussive instrument, achieving “drum-like” sounds to accompany the more conventional pitched notes. This technique has since become one of the central elements of his playing style.
Daryl released his debut 5 song EP ‘Don’t Expect
Thanks to Jamie Baker for drawing my attention to this video on our facebook page.
By Miche Archetto