Andrea Valeri: These Boots are made for Acoustic Guitar

Andrea Valeri: These Boots are made for Walking

by Bob Harris

We’ve featured guitarist Andrea Valeri before on Acoustic Guitar Videos…

But here’s a cover song on acoustic that was a big hit for Nancy Sinatra back in the 60′s

“These Boots Are Made for Walking”

Yes, Sinatra as in Frank… Nancy as in Frank’s daughter.

Well here’s a quick personal story about Frank and Nancy… hope you don’t mind.

My publisher at the time (Billy Strange) who worked with Frank a lot on his recordings

pitched Nancy a song that I wrote. Well, Nancy liked it and recorded it on her comeback album.

Well, the album did just okay, but it was a blast to get to know Nancy and also have my song

on her record.  These Boot Are Made For Walking was Nancy’s signature song, put her on the map,

but unfortunately she was almost a one hit wonder with that song. Yea, she had a great career

(was even a featured singer on the Soprano’s HBO series)

but nothing as big as the Boot song. (Hey, was hoping my song would have done half as good!!)


Okay, Andrea Valeri is of course doing a lot of shows all over the world. You can find out more

about him at his website  . His version of These Boots Are Made For Walking

is very cool, wouldn’t you say?