Ruslan Djumbaev: Acrobatic Player

Here is something really different. We all know Jimi Hendrix played his guitar behind his head or with his teeth. Well, Ruslan Djumbaev brings acrobatic playing to a completely new level. Here he plays the Komuz, the national stringed instrument of Kirghizistan. From what I’ve found on wikipedia, acrobatic playing is a common practice of Komuz’s virtuosos.

The komuz is generally made from a single piece of wood (usually apricot or juniper) and has three strings traditionally made out of gut, and often from fishing line in modern times. In the most common tunings the middle string is the highest in pitch. Virtuosos frequently play the komuz in a variety of different positions; over the shoulder, between the knees and upside down. ”

The title of the yotube video is “Hendrix from Kirghizistan”, but some youtube comments complained that at the end Ruslan didn’t burn his Komuz.


By Miche Archetto