RafQu: Acoustic Passion

By Miche Archetto:

RafQu uploaded recently this new video on his youtube channel. This is “Homeless”, the title of his new album. We already featured RafQu in a previous post. Once again RafQu confirms the great tone he can get out of his Blueridge BR-183.
Here I try to translate the bio from RafQu’s facebook page:
RafQu was born in 1985 in the province of Brindisi (Apulia, Italy).
As the son of musicians, he grew up in a house where music and instruments were his bread and butter. In his childhood he started singing and won several local competitions .
When he was 7 years old, he started studying piano but after a year and a half of music theory he gave up to pursue his passion of that period: the drums.
In 1996, having at home different guitars of his father , he began strumming on a classical guitar first and then on an Ovation to learn his first chords and scales.
At age 12 he moved with his family in Munich. Here continued to study guitar only ( because the battery in an apartment would have created many problems !).
He falled in love before the Rock through the records of his father by Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and then Metal , so between Grand Funk Railroad and Metallica he spent his teenage years playing with various local projects and bands.
In 2002 he took part in several courses for electric guitar in Freies Musikzentrum of Monaco of Bavaria and a year later was called to take part as a singer and guitarist to Crazy Train , a band influenced by Ozzy , initially only playing hard rock covers.
RafQu devotes all his time to the band and in the ‘arc of four years writing about thirty songs, recorded two discs and in the meantime become more familiar with the stage playing in the local scene of the Rock of Munich and Germany.
In 2007 he returned to Italy . There, he worked in the studio with various local artists , recorded for various productions , and joined the band Exentia with which he played his Les Paul around Apulia.
Meanwhile he discovered a strong passion for the acoustic guitar and began to study modern fingerstyle and to compose songs inspired by artists such as Craig D’andrea , Andy Mckee , Erik Mongrain and Jimmy Wahlsteen .
In 2011 RafQu became the guitarist of Anek a, band known thanks to the success of the single Beautiful of 2009. With them he recorded a new EP and a new video for the song Lady of Fate .
In 2012 he decided to devote himself to what has now become his true passion, the acoustic guitar and recorded Gioele’s dreams and other songs he composed over the years .