Jake Workman: Texas Flatpicking Champion

We’ve featured Jake Workman here before at Acoustic Guitar Videos with

some powerhouse flatpicking. I did say that I would post some more stuff from him so here goes…

This vid features Jake with two songs from the 2010 Texas State Flatpicking Contest.. Round Two: Songs- Dixie Hoedown & Wheel Hoss. Jake here is a one hot lick machine- one after another… with moves that even a guy like Mark O’Connor would have to be impressed with. You kind of know after a few rounds of Dixie Hoedown that no one in Texas that day is gonna work over the Workman.

What kills me about this performance, listen how long these songs are, and try to imagine all the stamina it takes to be able to keep playing for this long. And then just when Dixie Hoedown ends, he starts again in a few short seconds with Wheel Hoss.

Man…I guess he took the Hoedown a little slow to have enough energy for the Hoss!

Well, these contests are kind of weird and not what music is about in my opinion … I’ve done exactly one in my life and after that I never did another… and this is after winning I say this. The nerves it takes to perform under these circumstances is something not worth revisiting (at least for me). Jake though is perfectly cut out for this… probably got off stage and had a casual cup of coffee and sat back on a lawn chair as if nothing happened…

My last thought is, it would be cool to see who Jake’s competition was that day… guess you had to be there.