Sean De Burca: New Guitarist Lands London Guitar Show

Here’s guitarist Sean De Burca who hails from the UK with a song he wrote entitled “Farseer” off of his latest album. This video was shot at the TNAG HQ and is obviously live without any processing (not so easy to do!)

Sean incorporates guitar tapping, percussive guitar and fingerstyle into his playing. With this percussive style, good groove is everything in my opinion…. Sean certainly has that going on.

Here’s some bio information on Sean… as you will read, he will be appearing at the London Acoustic Guitar Show- very impressive!

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Sean de Burca is a self taught guitarist from Kent in the South of England. Playing a genre best described as percussive fingerstyle acoustic guitar, his music is constructed using altered tunings, guitar-body percussion and tapped notes. Sean has been playing venues and festivals around the South of England for the last 3 years (having only been playing guitar for 5 years). His third record, Six String Gun, was released in HMV (UK) in August 2012 and went on to outsell Lana Del Rey, Maroon 5, Florence and the Machine and Drake in the weekly sales of his local HMV store in the week of August 13th.
Sean will be playing at the London Acoustic Guitar Show on September 7th 2013, playing alongside his guitar idols Mike Dawes, Petteri Sariola and many others.
Sean’s fourth, and latest record, Stormchaser, comprises of 8 tracks and is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and all other major platforms.
Sean can be found here:
Twitter: @SdeBurca1
Facebook search: “Sean de Burca”