Tommy Emmanuel “Imagines It All”

Tommy Emmanuel – Imagine

I’ve said this before and here goes again…

I could do an entire website just on Tommy Emmanuel, as there seems to be an unlimited number of his videos posted on YouTube with a tremendous amounts of views on each.

Why you ask?

It’s really not so hard to understand when you check out just a few and realize that Tommy can do almost anything on the guitar-  and without any boundaries…  a rare gift that he himself has not taken for granted which he continues to work at.

And as great as this video of Tommy is which features the John Lennon song “Imagine,”  he’s younger and in my opinion, not as good as he is currently is in more recent vids. How you ask is this possible?

Well, the guitar is a part of him, like an arm or a leg. I’d say if he’s not doing business or going to the bathroom, he’s got the guitar in his hand (I could be wrong of course, maybe the guitar is with him even during those exercises!).

Playing this well simply is a decision that he has made by taking God given talents and continuing to work hard at it.  And don’t get me wrong… he’s lovin’ ever second of it… wouldn’t you?