gAëT – Odd Name- Awesome Performance

 gAëT – Olympic Guitar Live

Sina Bouchareb over at our page wrote in and said the following: “Hello, Have you ever seen this video?? This guy is very talented!”

Well Sina, no and a big thanks for sharing this video that only has 216 views. Yes, extremely talented is this guy named Gaet. As far as the low views, this may be because it’s new (just a few months old). But Gaet does have other videos that have done very well so, we are just getting the chance to see it before everyone else.

Here’s Gaet’s bio:

“After many fruitful collaborations as a guitarist with tours in France and abroad, Gaet decided to devote 200% of his time to create his own show. His will strengthened by 150,000 views on his YouTube channel and the meeting with his manager brought him to make a couple of concerts in France, followed by a tour to Morocco and recording his First solo album « In My Little House « .

With a planned release in Spring 2013, it will be less than a year elapsed between the beginning of the project and the release of the album. With years of stage experience, a renewed energy, he always managed to develop a special link with his audience. This audience, is very dear to gAëT, allowing him to develop the show with new songs. ” visit website”