Dario Cortese Plays Jerry’s Breakdown: And Then Shows You How

Dario Cortese Plays Jerry’s Breakdown:

You know, I see a lot of these instructional videos teaching someone else’s songs such as Jerry’s Breakdown which was written by Jerry Reed. Now, I’d normally much prefer to hear Jerry Reed play this song than some unknown guitarist.

But You Know What?

Dario Cortese really can pick the you know what out of this song!

Here’s what he writes:

 Learn Jerry’s Breakdown, by Dario Cortese:

“Howdy. In this country guitar video lesson I’m gonna show you how to play Jerry’s Breakdown by Jerry Reed. The guitar parts were played on the original recording by two country guitar legends: Jerry Reed on the nylon string guitar and Chet Atkins on the electric.”

You’ll find the backing track for practicing here:http://www.dariocortese.com/lessons/g…

Four months ago, Dan Kirchner  made this YouTube comment. I normally don’t re-post these comments but this was a good one..

“I am an avid fan of both Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins and very much impressed with this video. The teacher has not proclaimed himself to be the world’s best player nor as being better than the two heroes mentioned. This has been a mysterious tune for me to grasp since it moves by so quickly. This video will help me learn my missing notes. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent – I think your playing is impeccable! Kudos to Dario Cortese!!”

So I do agree with Dan Kirchner… Dario Cortese does indeed tear up Jerry’s Breakdown and this is a great learning video and also fun to watch.