Jeff Bell: Unique Picking Patterns Included

Here’s a live recording of ONEMANATLAS, (try saying that 3 times fast in a row) which in essence is Jeff Bell, who plays guitar, banjo, and of course sings.

This song “Summon the Wind” was recorded live just this last January at the Happy Grape in Lexington, OH. And despite the fact that the audience is talking, this performance is very well done including the video work itself.

This particular video features Jeff with some very fine and unique guitar playing, as some of the patterns he is playing is not anything standard. In fact, some of the rolls remind me of 3 fingered style banjo, which would make sense since he also plays that.

But typically, many folk/roots style performers that use banjo won’t play bluegrass style, as they’ll opt for something a little more traditional like clawhammer… so I might be a bit confused? It would be really fun to hear his banjo playing- sure he’s excellent at that as well…. but for starters just to hear what style etc..

I look forward to more videos from Jeff as if this is any indication, he is a pleasure to listen to.

Oh, and if you are looking for more info on Jeff Bell, go to