Tommy Emmanuel – One Pass Is All it Takes

Like I’ve said in other posts of Tommy Emmanuel, I could just devote an entire website to just his videos.

Tommy is perhaps the most versatile guitarist alive today, and seemingly can do anything on the guitar. His only weakness that I ever heard was his bluegrass flatpicking.  But that certainly doesn’t mean anything because most of you reading this probably don’t even know what bluegrass flatpicking is…  I’m hoping if you look around Acoustic Guitar Videos by going to the home page or the flatpicking and/or bluegrass category,  you will get yourself familiarized by that music form.

But back to the man…. Tommy is performing this song “Halfway Home” in a studio setting but is missing something that many of these studio videos include….

The production!

What I mean by the production is, this is live playing, no overdubs (that I can tell) and he’s not playing along with a pre-recorded track that is prevalent in many high quality video productions.  If you watch and listen closely, you can tell with minor finger buzzes and slight positioning variations. It’s all real, and I’m lovin’ it…

How bout you?