Vince Serrioz- “Kiva Dance” From His CD “Years With No Tears”

Fingerstyle guitarist Vince Serrioz wrote into our facebook site and posted this video of a song entitled “Kiva Dance” which is also featured on his latest CD entitled “Years With No Tears.”

Vince doesn’t play in the new style that has all the fancy harmonics, tapping and percussion on the guitar. This is just strait ahead fingerpicking and done very well.

And you know what?

It’s refreshing!

Now I’ve been talking to a few of my friends who agree that the tapping and percussive style is impressive but, they all say that they get a little fatigued with it all.

So this is nice to hear Vince playing it in this traditional style- I know a lot of you watching this can relate!

I did find a bunch of links to his music on Amazon. Go check it out.
This link will also lead you to more stuff from Vince.

Vince also has quite a collection of videos posted at YouTube and there’s a lot of info on him. I even saw somewhere that he entered the 2009 Winfield Fingerpicking Contest…. Vince plays great so I’m sure he did well but… I’d love to hear what the outcome was!